The Holy City

Back in 2011, I visited the Holy Land. On our last day on the bus going to the airport, the song, "The Holy City" was playing on the intercom. I was moved to tears hearing the arrangement. My buddy John Starnes was the vocalist on that specific track. It was surreal to ride through the streets of Jerusalem actually hearing the music announce where we were.

My new arrangement below is a sound track for a friend of mine. There's no vocal, but my hope is that you'll enjoy my interpretation of the score. The sample library used is Miroslave Philharmonic. "He IS Risen". Click the link below - and rejoice!





Tane' Miller April 16, 2014 @08:42 pm
The Holy City is Just stunning! I so enjoyed listening to your beautiful arrangement! I'm here in the office just singing along because it's in my key! :) Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Easter! :)
Steve Bell April 16, 2014 @01:45 pm
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